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“I Write Like…” Which Author?

person--hand--writing--object_3200188A writer friend shared with me a link to “I Write Like.” You paste a section of your own writing into the text box and then it analyzes the writing to see which author’s works it most resembles.

So, I did it.

Oh what a lark! Apparently the climax section of my current work in progress, a middle grade novel for girls, reads like a Stephen King novel!

Oh, ta, poppycock, I say. (Read these antiquated words in a British accent.)

So I did it again. Inserted the opening scene of a novel I have brewing, same age as above. William Shakespeare, the bard himself. So far, I’m in great company. What jolly good fun. Tips-from-Paper-Writing-Service-on-Writing-an-Autobiography

I had the beginnings of a mid-grade novel set in a pyramid. Dan Brown.

Next, I thought I’d try a children’s animal nonsense poem. Margaret Atwood. Interesting. Just one more.

My piece, “Land of Illusions,” featured a few weeks ago, is what I inserted next. Well, well, Neil Gaiman!

Now that is the way to start a day–encouraged by the company of great writers who were once at the beginning, or whichever stage, as you and I, and persevered.

So here it is: “I Write Like”


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